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MIMOSA Studio was created by two women inspired by all the women around us. We are dreamers and we live every moment to the fullest, personally and professionally. With MIMOSA Studio we wanted to bring together this energy to join the daily struggle: to empower ourselves and love all those traits that make us unique and special. To do this, and with the aim of doing our bit, we were born with the desire to offer garments that allow us to live and fight all these daily battles with a touch of elegance, trendy and with the same attribute, 100% sustainable.

MIMOSA Studio was born with enthusiasm, passion and a lot of optimism. Along the way we have encountered obstacles, difficulties, problems that we did not expect, but also many joys, satisfactions and above all, good work. We have surrounded ourselves with womenw ho, like us, want to learn and grow, both as professionals and as people. We all work for a common goal: to make ourselves stronger and become our best version.

MIMOSA Studio is committed to offering a sustainable and locally produced alternative to fast fashion, developing the company in a committed way and as sustainable as our resources allow us to be. Our goal is to improve day by day in order to optimise the production chain and reduce the harmful impact of our operations as much as possible. This way, we hope to adopt a circular model where we can make the most of every resource and give a second life to garments and fabrics that would otherwise end up in landfills. We offer a product but also the opportunity of being part of the fashion revolution.

Because sustainability starts with us, but ends with you. Because we cannot exploit women in developing countries to empower ourselves at home. So, from MIMOSA Studio, we will continue fighting alongside a quote said by Michelle Obama that we live by day by day:

"Here's to strong Women. May we know them.
May we be them. May we raise them"

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